PCH Driven

Courtesy of Chase Fisher

Chase Fisher founded his San Diego-based eyewear company a couple blocks off the Pacific Coast Highway in 2012. Eight years later, the company was acquired by the second largest eyewear company in the world for $90 million.

The journey was a long one for Fisher, who says he doubted whether he'd be a successful entrepreneur.

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Courtesy of Tricia Biggio

Invisible Universe’s Tricia Biggio joined this episode of PCH Driven to talk about how she took her love for animation to new platforms.

Biggio, the CEO of Invisible Universe, worked alongside its founder John Brennan to create animated stories for social media in an age when many younger folks are turning to social media for entertainment, rather than movies or TV.

"It's really like a special, cool, unique moment to be able to hopefully be a part of building something that your kids are going to love," said Biggio.

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Courtesy of Will Chockley

On this episode of the PCH Driven podcast, 75 and Sunny venture firm partner Wil Chockley shares his thoughts on skills early-stage founders need and advice on how to give the best pitch possible.

The pandemic quickly changed how the tech world worked, creating an exodus of people from the Bay Area to L.A., Chockley said, as jobs went remote and lockdowns forced people to decide where they wanted to be stuck, at least for the short term.

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