Office Hours Podcast: Turnaround Expert Brad Stewart On What's Next for Fair

Office Hours Podcast: Turnaround Expert Brad Stewart On What's Next for Fair

What's fascinating about this week's episode of Office Hours, is we hear from a newly appointed CEO who's come into a struggling company. His goal is to turn it around — and that's never easy. But, that's exactly what Brad Stewart, CEO of Fair aims to do.

Listen to an extremely frank conversation in which Brad thoughtfully explains his step-by-step process of how he approaches problem-solving, the unique issues facing Fair and the plan he's putting into action to give the company what it needs to thrive.

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Minutes into filling out my absentee ballot last week, I was momentarily distracted by my dog Seamus. A moment later, I realized in horror that I was filling in the wrong bubble — accidentally voting "no" on a ballot measure that I meant to vote "yes" on.

It was only a few ink marks, but it was noticeable enough. Trying to fix my mistake, I darkly and fully filled in the correct circle and then, as if testifying to an error on a check, put my initials next to the one I wanted.

Then I worried. As a reporter who has previously covered election security for years, I went on a mini-quest trying to understand how a small mistake can have larger repercussions.

As Los Angeles County's 5.6 million registered voters all receive ballots at home for the first time, I knew my experience could not be unique. But I wondered, would my vote count? Or would my entire ballot now be discarded?

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Less than seven months after launching, the high-flying streaming service Quibi has shut down.

Despite a sold-out advertising slate, deals with A-listers and a $1.75 billion war chest from high-profile investors the former Disney executive and founder Jeffrey Katzenberg couldn't make the short-form mobile video platform stick.

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