Office Hours Podcast: Turnaround Expert Brad Stewart On What's Next for Fair

Office Hours Podcast: Turnaround Expert Brad Stewart On What's Next for Fair

What's fascinating about this week's episode of Office Hours, is we hear from a newly appointed CEO who's come into a struggling company. His goal is to turn it around — and that's never easy. But, that's exactly what Brad Stewart, CEO of Fair aims to do.

Listen to an extremely frank conversation in which Brad thoughtfully explains his step-by-step process of how he approaches problem-solving, the unique issues facing Fair and the plan he's putting into action to give the company what it needs to thrive.

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On this week's episode of Office Hours, you'll hear from Steven Galanis, founder and CEO of Cameo, which offers a marketplace of celebrities that will record a custom-crafted message for a fee.

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Despite — or in many cases because of — the raging pandemic, 2020 was a great year for many tech startups. It turned out to be an ideal time to be in the video game business, developing a streaming ecommerce platform for Gen Z, or helping restaurants with their online ordering.

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