Office Hours Podcast: Online Retailer Behold Uses AI To Craft Bespoke Outfits

Office Hours Podcast: Online Retailer Behold Uses AI To Craft Bespoke Outfits

Terry Boyle, co-founder and CEO of Behold, says his newly launched retail platform aims to solve a major pain point for online fashion consumers: Having too many options.

When on-boarding to the site, customers take a few minutes to plug in their fashion likes and dislikes, as well as their body type and sizes. Guided by machine learning, Behold's customers receive personalized outfits and streamlined choices, based on their shared preferences.

For example, if a search is plugged in for black shoes, Boyle says, "we don't bring you back seven thousand five hundred black shoes...we bring you back 20. And then we see...what you think and how you react, and then we bring you back more."

Hear how Boyle, who's been in fashion tech for over 10 years — most of them spent at the venerable Nordstroms — is competitively positioning and running his trailblazing company, in which I'm a small, personal investor.

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