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An L.A.-based mobile platform that allows users short on cash to borrow and loan funds of under $1,000 has attracted a $10 million Series A investment.

SoLo Fund's target market has always been Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck. The peer-to-peer lending app sees itself as an alternative to high-interest payday lenders.

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On this week's episode of the LA Venture podcast, hear from Scott Stanford, co-founder of ACME, an early-stage venture capital firm. Scott has been focused on the internet/technology sector for over 25 years as an advisor, operator and investor. Prior to founding ACME in 2018, he was a co-founder of Sherpa Capital. When at Goldman Sachs, he was head of internet investment banking, and was deeply involved in companies such as Facebook, Uber, LinkedIn and Square.

Scott is a proud new member of the L.A. VC community.

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