Legal Data Startup Trellis Expands to New York, Florida and Texas

Trellis Research Inc an AI-powered state trial court legal research and analytics platform that aims to be the Google of state trial records, announced Monday it has expanded to New York, Florida and Texas. Until now, it has only been available in California.


Nicole Clark was a business litigation and employment attorney before starting Trellis in Los Angeles in 2017 along with Chief Product Officer Alon Schwartz

"We're excited to bring our intelligent AI-powered analytics to new jurisdictions" said Trellis CEO and co-founder Nicole Clark in a written statement. "State trial courts have historically been a black box - where little to no information was accessible. We're turning that black box into a crystal ball."

Clark was a business litigation and employment attorney before starting Trellis in Los Angeles in 2017 along with Chief Product Officer Alon Schwartz, an early Myspace employee who also co-founded unGlue, a modern parental control solution.

Trellis was ranked #2 on the dot.LA/Pitchbook list of hottest L.A. companies published in March. The company most recently raised $4.5 million of Series A seed 2 funding in a deal led by Craft Ventures in February, putting the company's pre-money valuation at $12 million, according to Pitchbook data.

Revel Partners, Okapi Venture Capital, Sequoia Capital, and Intrepid Technology also participated in the round.

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Snap shares soared after CEO Evan Spiegel touted the company's highest Q3 growth rate since 2017. The outspoken executive used Tuesday's earnings call to highlight the social media platform's efforts to engage users "following the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor."

The upbeat earnings report sent its stock soaring 20% in after-hours trading.

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VENN leveled up in its quest to become the 24/7 streaming network for gaming on Tuesday, announcing it has closed a $26 million Series A financing round. The Playa Vista-based company has also turbocharged its leadership and distribution network.

The Videogame Entertainment and News Network launched in August with $17 million in seed funding. That round was led by Bay Area gaming fund BITKRAFT, which also co-led the Series A — this time with Nexstar Media Group, a NASDAQ-listed telecoms company headquartered in Irving, Texas.

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  • L.A.-based Genies is expanding beyond creating and managing avatars for celebrities; consumers can now create their own avatars on partner platforms that use Genies' software development kit.
  • Initial partners are Gucci and Giphy, with more expected in the coming months.
  • Genies' pivot is an effort to capitalize on the 'digital goods economy' and the ascendance of the metaverse.

Justin Bieber made Crocs cool again earlier this month, when he partnered with the footwear company, known more for function than fashion, to release a limited edition pair that reportedly sold out in 90 minutes.

Imagine now that those shoes were meant to be worn not on human feet, but on the pixels of a consumer's digital avatar.

This is the vision of L.A.-based Genies, which announced Tuesday it is now integrating its avatar-creation technology into other companies' digital platforms via an updated software development kit (SDK).

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