TikTok Sale Deadline Extended, as Saga Drags on

TikTok Sale Deadline Extended, as Saga Drags on

TikTok can breathe easier after the government gave the viral video app until November 27 to finalize a deal that would allay the government's national security concerns.

The 15-day extension was granted, a filing on Friday showed, by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), the entity monitoring foreign investments.

It's the latest move in a series of delays from the Trump administration to finalize a divestment from the video-sharing platform and its Chinese parent company ByteDance. Trump for months has raised concern over TikTok's threat to national security, alleging the company shares information with the Chinese government. TikTok and ByteDance deny that.

On Thursday, the Commerce Department announced it wouldn't enforce an executive order that set the 12th as TikTok's last day to sell — the last day in a 90-day period. The decision referenced an earlier ruling in which a judge claimed the decision over a ban wasn't within the government's power.

That came after weeks of silence from the government, TikTok claims.

In September, TikTok proposed a plan with Walmart and computer software company Oracle that would mean TikTok becomes a U.S. headquartered company. Trump gave his blessing for the plan, but it hasn't been finalized.


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