Behind Her Empire Podcast: Kelly Rutherford On Reclaiming Power in the Darkest of Times

Kelly Rutherford is an activist and actress who has impressed audiences with her roles in "Melrose Place," "Gossip Girl," and most recently, "Dynasty" and "Pretty Little Liars."

Rutherford is also known for her very high-profile and public custody battle she had with her ex-husband. A California judge went on to rule that it was in the best interest of the kids to live with their father in Monaco which is something she fought for six years, eventually going bankrupt. The fight for her kids impacted her not only emotionally but also financially, and it was at this point that she had to rebuild her life from the ground up.

"When your mom is suffering or your mom is upset. It's really hard for kids," Rutherford said. "So I thought, I want to mirror someone that's healthy, that's present, that has love in her heart, that that couldn't find a way to love their father in spite of of whatever was going on so that they could feel OK."

On this episode of Behind Her Empire, Rutherford shares how through her struggle she found her true strength and power. And also how shifting her perspective towards joy and happiness changed her life in even the darkest of times.

"All these negative thoughts, all this fear, all the doubt, all this stuff is attracting more of it[self], like an algorithm," Rutherford said. "What I learned from all of this is the more I could find things about their dad and about my kids and about the situation and about my life in general that I loved and that were good, the more things started to shift energetically."

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