Prewitt Ridge's Steve Massey

Just Go Grind Podcast: Prewitt Ridge Wants to Make Systems Engineering More Like Software Development

On this week's episode of Just Go Grind, hear from Steve Massey, co-founder and CEO of the early-stage startup Prewitt Ridge, which was founded in 2019 to tackle the largest meta-problem in deep tech: systems engineering.

The company aims to reduce friction in collaborative design efforts by connecting critical data elements between engineering teams and offering git-like tracking of project-wide changes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Prewitt Ridge is trying to solve a digital engineering problem by building a tool that allows engineering teams to stay nimble for a longer period of time, while also allowing the teams to grow using IBM Doors or Java software tools and keep development fast paced without having to scale it too quickly.
  • Prewitt Ridge is venture backed.
  • Prewitt Ridge went through a TechStars accelerator program that was backed by the Air Force.
  • Prewitt Ridge has partnered with JPL and is currently rolling out its software inside NASA JPL to fill a niche on a couple of early-stage lunar lander missions.
  • It's looking to expand into commercial and direct-to-government partnerships.
"If we build the right tool, we will be able to capture enough of a segment of the market and transform engineering the same way that it has transformed software development." — Steve Massey

Steve Massey is the co-founder and CEO of Prewitt Ridge. Prior to that, he was at Slingshot Aerospace for two years where he led the development of their real-time edge analytics pipeline working with USAF and defense contractor customers. He also spent five years at SpaceX where he acted in a mission management and integration engineer role for multiple early Falcon 9 launches as well as led the avionics build for their Hyperloop pusher project.

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