Behind Her Empire Podcast: Keren Eldad On How To Get Out Of Your Way

Yasmin Nouri

Yasmin is the host of the "Behind Her Empire" podcast, focused on highlighting self-made women leaders and entrepreneurs and how they tackle their career, money, family and life.

Each episode covers their unique hero's journey and what it really takes to build an empire with key lessons learned along the way. The goal of the series is to empower you to see what's possible & inspire you to create financial freedom in your own life.

Keren Eldad
Photo by Tara Welch

On this episode of the Behind Her Empire podcast, hear from Keren Eldad, a motivational speaker, leadership psychology expert and founder of With Enthusiasm Coaching, where she provides world-class personal and professional coaching.

Eldad has worked with notable clients including LVMH, Richemont, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan Chase and Global Fashion Group. She talks to us about why it's in all of our destinies to achieve greatness, the power of self-love and compassion and what we can do to get over our blindspots. As Eldad highlights, if we limit ourselves, we do not get to participate in the beauty of our lived experience. It's up to us to choose the lens through which we view life: scarcity and fear or abundance and openness.

Key Takeaways:

  • Eldad grew up around the world, which led to a lack of attachment to any one nationality and a sense of belonging everywhere. Her pan-world identity gave her the ability to connect with people from anywhere. She also speaks five languages.
  • At one point, Eldad had the "insta-worthy" life — a handsome and rich husband, glamorous job, elegant clothes and home — but inside, she knew something was profoundly wrong. Ultimately, her dissatisfaction led to a toxic divorce.
  • She hit rock bottom: broke, her belongings burned in a storage facility fire, sleeping on friends' couches -- and realized there was nowhere to go but up. So, she focused on what she still had.
  • Eldad says self esteem is useless because it focuses on achievement and fitting in. It's recognizing one's self worth that allows people to start to feel grounded in who they are.
  • Eldad says over-achievers' number one enemy is impatience. She says impatience is a sign of lack of faith.
  • Daily recognition of things you are grateful for leads to an appreciation of the everyday large and small details of life, which in turn makes you feel like a lucky person. This attitude can create better experiences, personally and professionally.
"I always say to people 'prefer a shitstorm, because that is the turning point'." — Keren Eldad

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