Nominate Innovators for dot.LA Startup Awards

Nominate Innovators for dot.LA Startup Awards

We are thrilled to announce the inaugural "dot.LA Startup Awards 2020," a celebration of the most innovative people and companies in the L.A. startup and tech community. The event will be hosted live on Wednesday, October 28th to close out the dot.LA Summit. We will recognize and celebrate L.A.'s most coveted startup pioneers, rising tech companies and disruptive innovators.

dot.LA readers can nominate people or individuals in six categories; Pivot of the Year, Social Justice Award, Rising Entrepreneur, Rising Startup, Entrepreneur of the Year and Startup of the Year.

Get involved and nominate a startup or an individual to win an award.

Award Nomination Form

Pivot of the Year: This award celebrates a startup's ability to revamp by changing its business model and strategy in the face of adversity.

Social Justice Award: This award recognizes a company or individual who has made the biggest impact on driving social justice to create a positive, significant and sustainable impact.

Rising Entrepreneur: This entrepreneur is new in the LA startup scene and has emerged as a forward thinking innovator and leader. Despite his/her age, the Entrepreneur of the year has a pioneering spirit and a promising future.

Rising Startup: This startup is less than two years of age from incorporation and has shown major development based on market growth, innovation and impact of products and services. This newcomer has the greatest potential to disrupt its market and global tech community.

Entrepreneur of the Year: This entrepreneur has a fearless spirit and inspires their partners, teammates and clients on a daily basis. They have made notable achievements this past year in regards to funds raised, sales, impact of product and leadership in the tech ecosystem.

Startup of the Year: This company has shown the greatest development over the past year based on innovation and impact with goods and services. This startup has the most promising potential to become the next world-changing company.

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