Behind Her Empire Podcast: BBG Ventures' Nisha Dua On How To Change Careers

Yasmin Nouri

Yasmin is the host of the "Behind Her Empire" podcast, focused on highlighting self-made women leaders and entrepreneurs and how they tackle their career, money, family and life.

Each episode covers their unique hero's journey and what it really takes to build an empire with key lessons learned along the way. The goal of the series is to empower you to see what's possible & inspire you to create financial freedom in your own life.

Behind Her Empire Podcast: BBG Ventures' Nisha Dua On How To Change Careers

On this episode of the Behind Her Empire podcast, hear from Nisha Dua, co-founder and general partner of BBG Ventures, a NYC-based seed fund investing in consumer tech startups with a focus on women and under-represented founders.

  • Dua shares tips on how to make big career leaps and why she decided to leave law.
  • After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Nisha discusses why she had to make a career change & re-evaluate what success looks like.
  • How Dua gained the confidence to take on a new opportunity in business despite having no "formal" experience.
  • How a business she was running led her to founding BUILT BY GIRLS.
  • How Dua's varied career path led her to venture capital and launching her own fund.
  • Dua explains how founders should think about raising money & why venture capital isn't for everyone.
  • After seeing over 7,000 pitches, Nisha explains key themes that make a great founder.
  • How to think about storytelling when you're a founder and why it's critical in your business.
"My advice is to all women: Just because you haven't done something, that doesn't mean you're not qualified for it." -- Nisha Dua

Nisha Dua is co-founder and general partner at BBG Ventures. She also founded the #BUILTBYGIRLS movement which teaches young women to be part of the tech-enabled economy through a series of offline and online programs on the fundamentals of venture capital. Nisha was previously the general manager of AOL's millennial site, Cambio, and chief of staff for the AOL Brand Group, working on strategy, operations and special projects. Prior to that, she was a management consultant for Bain & Company, advising companies across Tech & Telco, Financial Services, and CPG. She cut her teeth as an M&A and securities lawyer at the Australian law firm Blake Dawson. Nisha also consulted for edtech startup Learn with Homer.

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