nobody studio

nobody studio

Courtesy of Nobody Studios

With 14 startups under his belt and $5 billion worth of exits, Mark S. McNally wanted to use his expertise and pursue his idea of starting a studio.

“I was at a turning point in my career, three or four years ago, and was really determined to figure out whatever I did next was going to be a legacy builder,” McNally says.

That’s what McNally is hoping to do with Los Angeles-based crowd-funded venture capital studio Nobody Studios. The studio, co-founded with Barry O’Reilly, Eric Reis, Sejal Thakkar, Ray Leonard Jr. and, Meritxell McNally in 2020, announced plans earlier this month to create 100 companies in-house over the next five years. Their plan is to give anyone who wants to invest in their crowdfunding campaign, regardless of the amount invested, some influence towards the creation of new companies coming from the studio.

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