cancer treatment

The next wave of cancer treatments uses the body's own immune system rather than chemotherapy or radiation to kill cancer cells. Treatments are being developed by two Southern California pharma companies.

Last week, one of the biggest players in cell therapy, Kite Pharma, announced it will work with the cancer startup Appia Bio to create breakthrough drugs.

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ImmixBio, a West L.A.-based startup developing cancer therapies, announced on Friday it submitted a confidential filing to go public.

Ilya Rachman, chief executive of the nine-year-old company which has developed a combination therapy meant to prevent cancers from resisting treatments and evolving, would not specify how many shares will be offered or the price range.

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People who suffer from a rare disease that produces tumors inside the brain and spinal cord are one step closer to getting a potentially less invasive treatment that rivals radiation therapy on the market.

Bionaut Labs, the Los Angeles startup behind tiny micro-robots that can swim through the body and deliver therapeutics, gained a special drug designation from the Food and Drug Administration that could speed up their clinical trials.

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