Skilled coders and programmers capable of designing and developing high-level solutions to complex problems remain in exceptionally high demand worldwide. While many tech companies are responding through an endless cycle of recruitment and training, bringing on pre-established third-party collaborators with specific expertise and expert teams of developers at the ready has become an increasingly popular approach.

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SVB Private CIO Shannon Saccocia. (Photo via Cameron Rice)

The economy is reeling from inflation. Supply chains are dislocated. The effects of the pandemic linger as the economy dips toward a recession. Caught in the middle of it all, startups and companies of all sizes are scrambling to react.

But what does all this mean for startups and founders? As chief investment officer of SVB Private, Shannon Saccocia spends her time helping startups, founders and executives make sense of economic conditions. During a fireside chat in January, Saccocia broke down the factors leading to the market downturn, outlined what to expect moving into 2023, and estimated which industries might prove to be a dark horse.

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Zoolatech founder Roman Kaplun. (Photo by David Ruano.)

Custom software developers Zoolatech – based in Palo Alto, USA, with development offices in Eastern Europe and Americas – provide custom-built mobile and web development solutions for a variety of clients, with engineering talent based all over the globe. We caught up with CEO and co-founder Roman Kaplun ahead of last week’s Dot LA Summit to talk about the company’s explosive pandemic-era growth, how COVID helped sell clients on the fundamentals of remote work, and why LA can’t seem to train engineers quickly enough.

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