"state of play"

Image courtesy of patsun on www.flickr.com

The rumors turned out to be true: E3, the annual blockbuster video game conference typically held in Downtown Los Angeles, is once again entirely canceled this year.

The Electronic Software Association (ESA), which runs the event, announced on Thursday that “there will also be no digital E3 showcase in 2022,” adding that the conference would return next year.

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A Look at Activision Blizzard's Workplace Harassment Lawsuit

Activision Blizzard posted declining revenues and profits in its first-quarter earnings report Monday, as the video game publisher coped with its flagship “Call of Duty” franchise underperforming as well as pandemic-induced delays to its release of other popular titles.

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Image courtesy of Slingshot Aerospace
Fresh off securing a $25 million funding round earlier this month, Slingshot Aerospace has inked a new $25.2 million contract with the U.S. Space Force that will see America’s newest military branch use two of the El Segundo-based startup’s flagship products—a space simulator called Digital Space Twin and a virtual training platform known as Slingshot Laboratory.
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