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Will Anyone Drive Hydrogen Fuel Cars in the EV Era?
Harrison Weber

Believe it or not, people still drive hydrogen-fuel vehicles. And they live in California, seemingly the only state to make plans to triple the number of hydrogen fueling stations in the next five years. One Irvine-based company, FirstElement Fuel, is poised to benefit from that investment. But, how many will use them? Read more >>

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Hydrogen vs Electric Vehicles

By Harrison Weber

FirstElement Fuel — along with firms like fossil fuel giant Shell — is working to make hydrogen more accessible. And this expansion could benefit the roughly 7,500 Californians who currently drive hydrogen cars such as Hyundai’s Nexo or Toyota’s Marai. Meanwhile the electric vehicle market is booming. California alone has roughly 73,000 EV chargers, serving the approximately 425,300 plug-in vehicles registered in the state today.

Ecommerce Sales Down for this Year's Cyber Monday

By Decerry Donato

Cyber Monday sales were down this year as shoppers bought earlier, retailers offered fewer discounts and out of stock items proliferated. Adobe Analytics, which monitors ecommerce transactions, found shoppers spent $10.7 billion on Monday, down from $10.8 billion the year before.

Modrn Med Founder Dr. Mary Pardee on How Stress Impacts Your Gut

Dr. Mary Pardee has made gut health her life’s work, culminating in the founding of her telemedicine and virtual wellness company, Modrn Med. In this episode of the Behind Her Empire podcast, Dr. Pardee also delves into the impact that gut health has on hormones, mental health and physical health and the importance of prioritizing self-care.

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