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Amazon Faces a Series of Black Friday Strikes and Protests
Photo by Adrian Sulyok on Unsplash

Amazon workers, unions and advocates plan a series of protests and strikes on the busiest shopping days of the year. Called Make Amazon Pay, the consortium spans 22 countries and will stage strikes in Italy and France, garment worker protests in Cambodia and Bangladesh, as well as protests across the U.S. Read more >>

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In LA, Advocacy Groups Plan a Virtual Town Hall

By Harrison Weber

Among the many protests demanding Amazon increase wages and improve workers' conditions is a virtual town hall being held by a host of progressive advocacy groups in Los Angeles on Cyber Monday. Organizers say the event will focus on Amazon's practices as well as enforcement of a new California law requiring warehouses disclose productivity quotas to workers and government agencies.

Seven Travel Apps to Get You Through the Holidays

By Decerry Donato

Traveling on a budget? Need tips to explore a new city? Maybe need to get some meditation done? For those trying to make last-minute travel plans (and assuming you're vaccinated), here are a few apps and services — many of them based in L.A. — that can help.

How Natalie Gordon Took Babylist from a Side Project to an Industry Leader

It started as a side project, but Natalie Gordon's Babylist is now a fast-growing, multimillion-dollar business. Gordon tells the Behind Her Empire podcast how she overcame her fears and grew Babylist into the best baby registry service for parents, according to Healthline.

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