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LA Has a Port Problem, But Not the One You're Thinking
Photo courtesy of the Port of Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles City Council has sent a message to container ships arriving at its ports: "immediately adopt" existing emissions-reducing technologies, such as wind-assisted propulsion and slow-steaming. dot.LA spoke with Christopher Cannon, the chief sustainability officer of the Port of Los Angeles, to discuss the resolution, and why he thinks all parties will do what they can to make ships run on clean fuels. Read more >>

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  • UCLA and USC are among the top 20 universities producing some of the most successful entrepreneurs, according to PitchBook.

'We Want to Create Green Shipping Corridors'

By Brenda Gazzar

Though the city has no authority or jurisdiction over the ships or the waters moving them, Cannon says the city can play an influential role in moving the ship industry toward a clean-fuel future.

"...we want to create green shipping corridors. You start doing this stuff now, not waiting until zero emissions is possible. You start doing low carbon and even zero carbon elements in a shipping corridor," Cannon tells dot.LA.

How to Get Proof of the COVID Vaccine Ahead of Thanksgiving

By Keerthi Vedantam

Flying out for Thanksgiving week? The CDC recommends vaccinated travelers take a COVID test at least three days before traveling, and requires it for unvaccinated individuals.

Jam City’s Josh Yguado and the Future of Gaming and the Blockchain

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