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How Tech Will Transform LA Public Transportation Next Year

Next summer, L.A.'s public transportation agency is set to launch a new program that allows users to access a bike, scooter, train or bus in South Los Angeles with one universal pass. The pilot — the first to put a "universal basic mobility" (UBM) approach into practice in the city — is being rolled out with the help of the L.A. Department of Transportation (LA DOT), Uber Transit, TAP, BlueLA and Curb Mobility. Read more >>

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Metro Is Launching a Universal Pass Experiment in South LA

By Maylin Tu

L.A. Metro's pilot program, which will involve 2,000 eligible users over the course of one year, will focus on an area roughly bounded by Crenshaw and Alameda and Florence and the 10 in South LA. The idea is to offer a multi-modal transportation through a single portal will increase transportation equity for some of L.A.'s most vulnerable populations.

Ford and Rivian Nix Plans to Make an Electric Vehicle Together

By Harrison Weber

Ford, one of Rivian's biggest investors, no longer has plans to develop an electric vehicle using the high-flying EV company's tech, Rivian said on Friday. Ford and Rivian originally planned to co-develop an electric Lincoln SUV, but after the pandemic set in, the two canceled the collaboration.

Column: LA's Vision for Micromobility Is Failing. Here's How to Fix It

Los Angeles could better serve its communities by being more open with its data around ridership trends, reporting where revenue is being spent, and investing more into infrastructure to support its micromobility ambitions, writes Jason Thomas, a former strategic finance operator at Bird scooters.

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