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Climate Change Is Affecting How LA's Top VCs Invest
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

A majority, or 60%, of the more than two dozen investors polled by dot.LA recently said climate change is affecting how they invest. The trend is fueling a record-setting year for the sector, as investors put billions behind Southern California-based companies such as electric vehicle maker Rivian and home energy storage firm Swell. Read more >>

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Tech Alone Cannot Solve the Crisis

By Harrison Weber

Researchers like Dr. Greys Sošić of the University of Southern California, whose focus includes supply chain sustainability, called the rise in clean tech investments "commendable," but urged a holistic approach.

"I am wondering what is happening with the rest of their investments? Are there any trends toward reducing investments in "dirty" startups? Until this happens, we cannot make a lot of progress," said Sošić. "Just adding some clean tech startups in one's portfolio, without doing additional changes, looks more like greenwashing than a serious effort to help the environment."

From the dot.LA Summit: ‘It’s Time’ for Psychedelic Therapies

By Keerthi Vedantam

The federal government is changing its attitude toward psychedelic-based drugs. Mike Dow from Field Trip Health and cannabis company Kurvana CEO Mehran Moghaddam believe that this shift will change the course of mental health treatment as the drugs become more accepted for medicinal use.

B2U's Plan to Use EV Batteries to Store Solar Energy

By Sarah Favot

B2U Storage Solutions has found a use for the tens of thousands of electric vehicle batteries no longer in use: transform them into clean-energy storage. The Santa Monica-based company is creating an 8.5 megawatt solar power plant in the Lancaster desert using discarded EV batteries. B2U CEO Freeman Hall is making a pitch that the batteries should be given a second life before they're recycled.

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