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Google Sued Over Alleged Racial, Sexual Abuse at Its Venice Campus

A security guard who worked at Google's Venice campus has sued the company, saying it did not adequately respond to his complaints that he was sexually harassed and physically assaulted by a supervisor because of his race and sexual orientation.

David Brown, who is Black and gay, alleged his supervisor called him racial and gay epithets, and physically abused him by "grabbing him on the buttocks, kicking him in the groin, throwing him through a window head first and brutally grabbing his nipples." Read more...

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'Strip Searches for All' a Google Manager Texted

By Sarah Favot

The lawsuit against Google also points to an exchange of text messages between Brown's supervisor and Google's senior manager for global community operations in which they allegedly mocked Brown's sexual orientation.

"Strip searches for all," one texted, according to the lawsuit. To which, another responded, "David is going to love that." The first wrote, "Tell David to bend over," and the other replied, "hahah I'll tell him you said Hellooo."

The lawsuit alleged Google's manager "participated in the discrimination and sexual harassment and took no corrective action."

Gov. Newsom Signs Silenced No More Act

By Harrison Weber

Today Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the Silenced No More Act into law, minting new protections for workers who speak out about discrimination and harassment. The law bars California companies from using non-disclosure clauses in settlement and severance agreements to stop workers from publicly discussing cases of sexual harassment, discrimination and assault in the workplace. It goes into effect next year.

Better Brand Makes a Bagel, Without the Carb Guilt

By Decerry Donato

Better Brand CEO and founder Aimee Yang wants to make it safe for carb and calorie-obsessed foodies to eat bagels — a $1.7 billion market. The Los Angeles startup has just raised $2.5 million just three months after launching.

It's Like Peloton but for Pilates

By Michaella Huck

Stationary-bike-maker Peloton's stock jumped more than 400% in 2020. Frame Fitness is now looking to capture the at-home fitness market for Pilates with reinvented equipment.

Investor Josh Jones on Bitcoin, Investing and the Future of Air Travel

Josh Jones is one of the managing partners of The Fund LA, but he's been part of so much more. He was a co-founder of DreamHost, a bitcoin pioneer and, most recently, the owner of an airline that plans to launch in the spring. On this episode of the L.A. Venture podcast, he talks about lessons learned along the way, and some of his future plans.

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