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This Startup is Developing a Life-Saving Cancer Treatment

"A lot of these patients are actually quite sick. They can't really wait two weeks."

Appia Bio, a Westwood-based biotech startup that came out of stealth on Tuesday, hopes to speed up the process for cell therapy treatment for cancer. The company is using a patented platform created in a lab run by UCLA associate professor Dr. Lili Yang –and it's just secured a $52 million Series A round.

YouTube puts $100 million into its creator fund to rival TikTok.

Russell Wilson and Ciara signed a TV and film production deal with Amazon Studios.

Rocket Lab prepares to recover its second booster at sea after May 15 launch.

Epic wanted Sony's PlayStation PC games to compete with Steam, documents show.

Semiconductor makers and users form a group to push for chip funding.

EBay taps into NFT frenzy allowing their sale on its platform.

Bill Nelson lays out his vision for NASA.

 Faster, Safer Cancer-Fighting Therapies

For cancer patients who have tried every other treatment, cell therapies have the potential to kill cancer cells, but the treatment is expensive, time-consuming and potentially fatal. Appia Bio hopes to speed up the process.

Thrilling Rides a Wave of Vintage Ecommerce Interest

Before Poshmark and the RealReal and ThredUp went public, Shila Kim-Parker had a hard time convincing investors there was a market for buying used clothes online. Not anymore. She has over 300 vintage shops on her site and just closed an $8.5 million Series A.

Ads or a Check? With Miroma Ventures, Startups Get to Choose

Ad mogul Marc Boyan's company, The Miroma Group, is launching a new venture fund headquartered in Los Angeles and London. The firm will distribute $100 million over the next few years to back purpose-driven consumer brands at the seed or Series A level offering traditional checks, as well as marketing services.

Venice-Based GEM Takes on the Supplement Market

At $65 a month, Venice-based GEM sells melatonin-free daily sleep supplements made with ingredients like magnesium, rosemary, pumpkin seeds and valerian root. Investors are betting big on the vitamins.

TikTok Is Reportedly Experimenting with Ecommerce and Recruiting Features

The Culver City-based social media behemoth is reportedly experimenting with two new features to extend its utility: job recruitment and ecommerce.

How Pacaso Makes It Easier for More People to Own a Second Home

The concept of co-ownership isn't new, but unlike "DIY" shared ownership arrangements among family members or friends, Pacaso manages all the details for potential home buyers and then handles ongoing maintenance, LLC oversight, bill payment and scheduling. Read more >>

Join Us at the Motivate SOCAL Emerging Mobility Summit

Southern California is beginning to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and new job opportunities in advanced industries, including mobility and transportation, are on the way. dot.LA is partnering with CoMotion to host "Motivate SOCAL," a half-day virtual event, set for May 19, 2021. Register here.

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