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Will Graphene be the Next Big Thing for Audio?
Sam Blake

"We want to bring an audiophile experience to the mass market."

GraphAudio wants to become the Intel inside of audio. The startup is racing to develop its unique technology using graphene for earphones and televisions. Entertainment reporter Sam Blake explores its efforts to convince the biggest manufactures to buy in.

SpaceX scores $885M to serve rural areas with Starlink broadband.

Uber sells off self-driving car business to Aurora.

Elon Musk quietly relocated his foundation from California to Texas, spurring speculation of a move.

Bob Dylan sells his song catalog to Universal Music.

Former Hulu executive to head Discovery Plus ad sales.

Match will audit its policies, practices for reporting sexual violence within its dating apps.

Palantir wins FDA to power drug reviews and inspections.

Sike Insights Aims to Build Company Culture Through AI

Siddarth Pandiya, the 20-year-old founder of Sike Insights just closed a $1 million pre-seed round to help build company culture through AI. Read more>>

Port of LA and IBM launch Cyber Defense Center

Los Angeles is home to the nation's busiest port, moving $276 billion worth of goods last year. And it's a big target for hackers as shippers increasingly rely on automated systems. Its new center with IBM is aimed at thwarting them. Read more>>

Graph Audio's Pitch 

The Beverly Hills-based GraphAudio thinks it can penetrate the audio market with a technology it said creates a superbly crisp listening experience, made from an efficient and effective material. Read more>>

Seed&Spark Helps Filmmakers Crowdfund 

Seed&Spark founder Emily Best talks with Just Go Grind about the platform that has raised close to $30 million for film and show projects. Read more and listen >>

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