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How to Handle Layoffs With Compassion

The days ahead will be tough. Yesterday, we held a strategy session on how small businesses can survive. Today, we offer a few thoughts from our founder Spencer Rascoff, who's weathered several recessions as the head of a series of startups. Next Tuesday, we'll hold another session on how to protect your mental health during quarantine. We plan to hold these webinars every Tuesday to help you get through the crisis. Have an idea for a future session? Let us know at

Advice On Layoffs – From Someone Who Has Done it Before

It's a scenario CEOs dread, but one that is becoming more common as the economic toll from pandemic spreads. Venture capital firms are warning companies to prepare for an extended recessionary period. Leadership teams at firms large and small across the globe are meeting to determine their next moves.

Our founder Spencer Rascoff has been there before, and has some advice on how to compassionately handling layoffs. Read his tips here >>

'Investors Are Investing'

"You had founders who are freaking out because their assumption is no one is investing. But investors are investing."

Santa Monica investor Laurent Grill emailed hundreds of colleagues to see if they were still writing checks, originally trying to find the next round of capital for one his own portfolio companies.

His LinkedIn post has since gone viral, and only two investors have said they are not writing checks. Grill quickly created a Google form to manage the rush of responses, one for investors and another for companies seeking capital. He plans to release them next week. Read more >>

Video: SpaceX Sets a Record for Rocket Reuse

SpaceX sent its sixth batch of Starlink broadband satellites into low Earth orbit this morning, and set a record on rocket reuse at the same time. The satellites will join about 300 of their Starlink brethren to create a nexus that will start providing broadband internet access as early as this year. Watch the launch and read more >>

Our Next Webinar: Mental Health in Quarantine

Thanks to all who attended and provided overwhelming feedback on our inaugural dot.LA Strategy Session about the business implications of the COVID-19 crisis. We saw resounding success at yesterday's session, and we're excited to turn these into weekly events.

Next Tuesday's session, "Coping with Quarantine," will look at ways to foster wellness as many of us prepare to hunker down at home for what may be months. Mark your calendars:

Tuesday, March 24th @ 11:00AM PST

Speaker announcements and invitations are forthcoming. Have ideas for future sessions you'd like to see? Let us know at

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