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VCs? Startups? How Airlines Will Go Forward

Well, the work week is done as America heads into another quarantine weekend. (Is there a difference?) Here's what you need to know today in the world of startups, business, and tech in Los Angeles.

You're all having vivid dreams. We know. But check out this out: A drink cart outfitted with UV-rays that kills COVID-19 with a 99 percent effective rate. Watch the video (we promise). Reporter Rachel Uranga has the story.

Also, next week, senior reporter Tami Abdullah is hosting our strategy session on cybersecurity, with industry leaders Wendi Whitmore of IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence and Joshua Belk, co-founder of OPSEC360. Sign up!

And have a good weekend.

Coronavirus 'Came Here on an Airplane' and GermFalcon Promises to Stop it in the Sky

Seven years ago, Elliot Kreitenberg and his father, orthopedic surgeon Arthur Kreitnberg, built a UV-C light machine called GermFalcon to kill viruses on planes, But the airline industry largely rejected their pitch. Years later with coronavirus all but wiping out air travel, their machine is looking a lot more attractive. Read More >>

Hollywood on Lockdown: How L.A. Quickly Lost 14,000 Entertainment Jobs 

Hollywood, an economic engine that has powered Los Angeles since the dawn of television screens and movie cameras, has been devastated by stay-at-home orders. With production at a standstill and sports halted, mass layoffs and unemployment have stopped the show.

Netflix and Google Are Poised to Dominate L.A. After the Pandemic

In the next few years, as the world emerges from the novel coronavirus, Netflix will lay claim to nearly as big a footprint in Los Angeles as the most iconic of the city's entertainment companies, Disney. Google, another Silicon Valley implant, will not be far

Watch: Ageism in the Workplace

"When you're older you get discredited and when you're younger you get discredited." Younger women, especially in the tech community, often struggle to build credibility and to be taken seriously. Today's dot.LA discussion looked at the problem and ways to confront it. Watch the video >>

Office Hours Podcast:  Brian Lee on L.A.'s Future

Spencer Rascoff interviews entrepreneur Brian Lee, who built startups like LegalZoom, ShoeDazzle with Kim Kardashian, and Honest Co. with Jessica Alba. He is now co-founder of early-stage fund BAM Ventures. Listen to the podcast >>

Join us for Our Next dot.LA Strategy Session on Cybersecurity

dot.LA's virtual panel will look at a new spate of cyber attacks targeting home computers and examine the impact to businesses. We'll also discuss ways to ramp up internet security while working from home. Read more and register here >>

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