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How Netflix Continues to Bleed Subscribers, Explained in One Chart

New data shows that streaming giant Netflix is continuing to lose ground to its competitors all while niche services like Paramount Plus and Discovery Plus gain subscribers. In the last two years, Netflix and Hulu's combined share of streaming video subscriptions in the U.S. dropped from nearly 75% to below 50%, according to New York-based analytics outfit Antenna. This chart says it all.

🚙 Southern California is becoming a hub for electric vehicle innovation, one report says.

💉 The White House is recruiting TikTok influencers and creators to fight vaccine misinformation.

💵 Santa Monica-based FYPM app seeks to bring pay transparency to influencers.

🌞 Orange county billionaire Donald Bren is donating $100 million to Caltech's solar power space project.

🚘 The Los Angeles Auto Show is making a comeback with a focus on electric vehicles.

🏢 Office workers are returning to work feeling frustrated and uncertain about the delta variant.

😷 Facebook is now requiring all on-campus workers to wear face coverings.

The Latest Signs of Netflix’s Loosening Grip

Netflix is getting into gaming but, as reported last month, analysts were unimpressed and expressed skepticism that its diversification efforts might stave off its decline in subscribers, as noted in data released today. So far in 2021, Netflix subscribers actually fell by 1%, while Hulu (6%) and Disney Plus (27%) saw relatively tepid growth.

Reese Witherspoon Sells Hello Sunshine

Reese Witherspoon's women-focused media company Hello Sunshine is being acquired by former Disney executives Kevin Mayer and Tom Staggs' media startup. Hello Sunshine produces series for Apple, Hulu, HBO and Amazon, including shows like "Big Little Lies," "Little Fires Everywhere" and "The Morning Show."

SoCal Venture Pipeline Is Helping Less-Connected Startups

SoCal Venture Pipeline, backed by the Alliance for SoCal Innovation and Silicon Valley Bank, is seeking to fund brands and companies in lesser-known parts of Southern California where entrepreneurs have fewer connections to VCs.

Cloud9's All-Women Esports Team Talks Sexism in Gaming

Within the gaming workforce, women have contended with blatant sexual harassment. Male players often level bigoted criticism at female players or argue they're not comfortable playing with a girl. All-women esports team Cloud9 White describes the culture inside gaming.

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