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Apeel's Plan to Make Your Produce Last Longer

"This type of technology could be a 'game-changer' if these perishables have a longer shelf life."

Large-scale agriculture and food waste are some of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Apeel Sciences may have found a solution: an edible coating keeping produce fresh.

Neighborhood social chatter app Nextdoor seeks to go public.

Chinese rideshare app Didi takes hit after China orders it removed from app store.

Roblox gaming platform says Lil Nas X merch are sales approaching eight figures.

Roblox partners with Sony Music Entertainment to mitigate copyright issues.

Demand for data hubs in Los Angeles is growing.

Amazon's stock reached an all-time-high as Jeff Bezos stepped down as CEO.

Pentagon pulls $10 billion JEDI contract awarded to Microsoft during Trump Administration.

Up to 78 million metric tons of solar panels will become e-waste in 2050, per IRENA.

How Apeel Sciences Hopes to End Food Waste

Apeel Sciences is out to change the way we eat produce. The Central Coast-based startup has created an edible coating that can be applied to fruits and vegetables to extend their shelf-life by days, weeks or even months.

DressX Snapchat-like Filters Lets Users Dress in Couture Fashion

DressX, the maker of a fashion app that wants to sell you virtual outfits, just raised $2 million in its latest seed round Tuesday.

'Going Public' Raises Another Round

Just as Robinhood increased retail investors' access to Wall Street, Going Public's founders see it as the "Robinhood for angel investing." The streaming series gives viewers the chance to invest in one of five startups it follows as they strive toward a potential IPO.

Analysts: Gaming and Shopping Won't Save Netflix

The streaming wars are intensifying but Bank of America analysts say Netflix will remain the king of content even as the Los Gatos company is rumored to be eying other intellectual property to bolster its library.

Luminary CEO Cate Luzio On Steering a Startup Through the Pandemic

On this episode of the Behind Her Empire podcast, Cate Luzio, founder of Luminary, talks about how to persevere when life's challenges — and a pandemic — knock you down.

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