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Facial Technology's Growth in Airports

As air travel picks up, technology that lets travelers check in for flights and board planes without so much as a boarding pass is gaining ground. Venice-based Trueface was acquired by one such biometrics company this week. Meanwhile, a Washington state county became the first to ban such technology.

The DOJ will start treating ransomware hacks as terrorism.

Twitter rolls out its 'Blue' subscription service.

Chinese tech giant Tencent expands its footprint in Playa Vista.

Grindr partners with 2021 global Black Pride event.

Hyundai's hydrogen truck is coming to the U.S.

Facebook will end special treatment for politicians after its Trump ban.

Calm meditation app supports Naomi Osaka with $15K donation and offers to pay fines for others.

Virgin Galactic announces another human-tended science flight.

Roku debuts a 15-minute weekly series that recommends what to watch next.

NASA is sending two spacecraft to investigate Venus.

Your Face May Soon Be Your Boarding Pass and Health Check

Pangiam has acquired Venice-based Trueface and its suite of software that powers contactless temperature checks and social-distance compliance monitoring. Last year, it installed AI-powered kiosks at U.S. Air Force bases to recognize individuals without person-to-person contact.

Fanimal's Bid To Take on Ticketing’s Biggest Players

Fanimal's co-founders pitched their new live-events company to investors in the middle of an unrelenting pandemic, with the promise that it would have a leg up on rivals hampered by lockdowns. As live events return, it's now showtime for the startup.

TikTok's 'Dark Money' Influencers

When TikTok proudly announced in 2019 that it would ban political advertisements on its platform, the social networking service was met with widespread praise. Yet two years later, a report published by Mozilla suggests that misleading political adsand "dark money" have seeped onto the app.

From Homeless Shelter to QVC Mogul

On this week's Behind Her Empire podcast, Valencia Key jewelry brand founder Lia Valencia Key talks about growing up in a homeless shelter with her mom and siblings and how the hardships they endured — and some motherly advice — pushed her toward her goals.

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