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NFTs: What's Hype and What's Here to Stay

NFTs — non-fungible tokens — have created scarcity among digital assets and, in turn, has created value for thousands of items that previously had very little. But pinpointing how much value NFTs have created is tricky, and that will be a subject of discussion at tomorrow's Intersect summit. Reporter Sam Blake takes a look at the data and the concept.

Musk trolls Bezos as space race between world's richest men heats up.

NBCU taps Hulu executive.

Beyond Meat to launch newest version of its burgers in U.S. stores next week.

Instagram will create a marketplace for influencers' brand deals.

Netflix has a jam-packed summer movie slate this year.

Apple's privacy changes set to boost its ad products.

Spotify launches paid podcasts through new Anchor feature.

How to turn on TikTok's new auto caption feature.

FCC lets SpaceX cut satellite altitude to improve Starlink internet system.

At social media hearing, lawmakers focus on algorithm-focused Section 230 reform.

What's the Deal With NFTs? 

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, exploded in popularity in 2021, but what's hype, and what's here to stay? That's the main question dot.LA will be exploring with a panel of experts during our inaugural Intersect conference this Wednesday.

Women Founders and VCs Lost Ground in 2020

Record amounts of venture capital were deployed in 2020, but fewer dollars flowed to companies run by female founders, a new study found. When female-led teams did get checks, they were between 15% to 49% smaller than their male counterparts.

EdTech Toucan Wants to Teach You Another Language on Twitter

Scrolling through Twitter could soon help you learn another language. That's the idea behind Toucan, a tech startup whose browser extension translates words on your screen from English to one of seven languages — soon to be 11.

Sponsored: How the Pandemic Has Changed Fans' Experience for Good

The COVID-19 pandemic has separated friends, family and colleagues and halted most in-person shared experiences. On the flip side, over the past year gaming, sports and entertainment companies have found new ways to help keep us engaged, connected and entertained. Read more >>

Last Chance: Apply to Attend Wednesday's 'Intersect' Summit

From the heart of the convergence between tech, media and entertainment in Los Angeles, dot.LA is pleased to announce "Intersect," a first-of-its-kind summit convening this new super-sector, held live virtually on Wednesday April 28. Apply to attend!

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