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Why this Venture Capitalist Sees Failure as Success
Scott Stanford

"By definition, half of our investments are going to fail. If fewer than half fail or fewer than 40% fail, we're not doing our job right because we're not taking enough risk."

Co-founder of early-stage venture capital firm ACME, Scott Stanford talks to L.A. Venture podcast about early-stage venture and how he evaluates success.

Apple to temporarily close L.A. stores as virus cases jump.

Banks on alert after first sweep finds no evidence of major hack.

From BuzzFeed to Axios, digital media players prepare for deal frenzy.

Google's antitrust case won't go to trial until Sept. 2023.

U.S. bans technology exports to Chinese semiconductor and drone companies.

'Cyberpunk 2077′s' launch, explained: Sony delists game, Microsoft expands refund policy.

Cyber technology shares soar as security attacks pile up.

Dating site Bumble reportedly files for IPO.

U.S. charges China-based Zoom execs with disrupting Tiananmen crackdown commemorations.

Nike's free workout apps are key to its high-end pricing strategy.

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Scott Stanford on How ACME Capital Evaluates Success

The co-founder of early-stage venture capital firm ACME thinks Los Angeles has all the key ingredients to become the next Silicon Valley and he's betting big. Read more>>

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Philanthropist Melanie Lundquist on why the tax structure needs to be reworked to better incentivize charitable giving, and push foundations and donors to get money to work quickly for those in need. Read more>>

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