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Health Data Privacy in the Age of Coronavirus

As governments and businesses deal with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic — in some cases, sweeping aside 'red tape' intended to protect personal health data — advocates and experts are warning that we could lose the privacy we treasure. Senior reporter Tami Abdollah speaks with one data organization that has concerns (and suggestions). Our new entertainment reporter Sam Blake looks at what the coronavirus means for Hollywood production. Did you miss our first strategy session webinar on the likely impact on L.A. businesses? We have the audio and a summary for you below.

"Open your brain, dude!!" We're hearing about lots of interesting conversations between kids and parents as online schooling and remote offices cram into what was once just a household. That quote — from a frustrated parent "helping" with schoolwork — comes courtesy of our founder. What conversations are you having? Tami Abdollah is looking into how remote teaching is being done in L.A., and we're looking for stories. Reach out to her at

Tracking Coronavirus Is Essential. Tracking What's Done With Our Data Is Even Moreso

Governments and the private sector are rushing to stop the spread of COVID-19, and many are developing massive tracking initiatives to help. Privacy advocates are warning that once citizens begin worrying about the loss of privacy, it may already be too late. Palantir Technologies offers nine things to watch out for. Read more >>

New Guidelines 'Will Pretty Much Eliminate Filming' For Now

Los Angeles studios are shuttering film and TV projects. The nonprofit that tracks permitting says it expects to see an 80% drop in requests this week. Meanwhile, unions are stepping in to help their members navigate the uncertainty and cope with potential hardship. Read more >>

What's a Business To Do?

In our first strategy session, we spoke with Nick Vyas, executive director of USC Marshall's Center for Global Supply Chain Management, and Stewart Easterby, operating partner at Los Angeles-based venture capital firm Greycroft. The two outlined what businesses can expect in the short and long term from the coronavirus crisis — and both saw silver linings in the downturn.

"This is a once in a century sort of phenomena," Vyas said. "The disruption we're seeing is end-to-end and it's global."

Read more and listen to today's discussion >>

Lime Shuts Down in California to Slow COVID-19

"Loving cities means protecting them too." Lime is pausing its e-scooter and e-bike services in California, Washington, Italy, France, and Spain. Read more >>

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