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FAANG Will Soon Occupy 10% of L.A.'s West Side

"Tech has now become the bedrock of Los Angeles."

With over 800K feet of office space in development, Netflix will soon lay claim to nearly as big a footprint in Los Angeles as Disney. Google is not far behind.

Senior finance reporter Ben Bergman looks at how the streaming wars are reshaping the city, and what it says about the influence that tech behemoths on the movie industry.

Over the past several months, Outer founder Jiake Liu has enrolled some of L.A.'s best-known startups to help in the logistical effort of distributing masks to hospitals. Now, SoCal Tech For Hospitals is expanding its mission. Rachel Uranga reports.

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FAANG's Footprint Expands in L.A.

Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet (plus Hulu) – will occupy nearly six million square feet of office space on the westside by 2023, gobbling up 10% of all commercial real estate there. Read more >>

'SoCal Tech For Hospitals' Is Moving Beyond the Pandemic

SoCal Tech for Hospitals started in early March with the goal of raising $60K to purchase masks for hospitals facing shortages. With $200K raised, the company is retooling to do good beyond the coronavirus crisis. Read more >>

Musk's Threat to Leave California

Elon Musk's most recent Twitter rant prompted some notable responses from California Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Read more updates >>

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