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'Hit Power, Then It's On.' Getting TV Back to Basics

"Everybody is trying to build such a big company. What's wrong with being a small company that grows every year and makes a profit?"

Entertainment reporter Sam Blake looks at Orby TV's simplified pay TV model. Can it survive offering less in an entertainment world obsessed with more?

Reporter Rachel Uranga looks at the Santa Monica startup that closed funding just before the pandemic hit. Its goal: Converting retailers to mobile ecommerce companies.

Vurbl CEO Audra Everett Gold and Esports One Co-Founder Sharon Winter will join us on Thursday to talk about building confidence in an uncertain age. You should, too!

Orby TV's Innovation: Back-to-Basics TV with a Twist

"Hit power, and then it's on." Orby TV believes it has a model that will appeal to TV viewers sick of high costs and complexity. Can it work? Read more >>

Santa Monica's Tapcart is Moving Retailers to Mobile

The company has seen shopping activity jump 50% over the past 90 days as the pandemic wallops traditional retailers. And chief executive Eric Netsch is aiming to process $1 billion in sales over the next year. Read more >>

Cherie App Donates $60k to L.A. Beauty Businesses Hit By COVID

Built to create community in the beauty industry, Culver City's Cherie has donated a total of $60K to 20 local businesses hit by the pandemic. An additional $50K will go to 50 cosmetologists, aestheticians, barbers, manicurists and certified makeup professionals to write for the app. Read more >>

Catch Up With Our Weekly Video Recap

Lots happened in the L.A. tech and startup community this week. In a rundown of the top headlines, Chief Host and Correspondent Kelly O'Grady takes you through the key stories. Watch it here >>

Why Smaller Venture Funds Are in Danger

Big venture capital funds are continuing to close with success while smaller ones — of which there are many in Los Angeles — are having more difficulty, according to a new report. Read more >>

NASA Greenlights SpaceX’s Space Station Flight

NASA's manager for the commercial crew program said that a year ago, she probably wouldn't have thought SpaceX could be ready by now. "But you know what? You can never sell this NASA and SpaceX team short, and they've always accomplished miracles for me." Read more >>

There's a Seven-Story Statue of Elon Musk in Tulsa Now

Elon Musk is considering both Tulsa and Austin as locations to build the upcoming "Cybertruck" utility vehicle. Locals have taken notice. Read more >>

Join Our WFH Slack Channel of L.A. Community Builders

A few weeks ago, we began to beta test wfh.LA, our Slack-based community connecting founders, investors and other product/finance folks who are helping build L.A.'s tech community. We're now looking to expand the group. If you haven't already done so, apply here!

Our Next dot.LA Convenes Event Focuses on Building Confidence 

Join us at 11 a.m. Thursday for our next dot.LA Convenes event: "Building Confidence in a Virtual World" with Esports One Co-Founder Sharon Winter, Vurbl Media CEO Audra Everett Gold and host Kelly O'Grady. Read more and Register here >>

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