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Are Sports Cards the New Currency?

"I think this is just as viable as gold or Bitcoin or any of that."

The founders of M13 venture fund have gained a reputation as successful tech investors. Now they're launching a fund dedicated to trading cards. Senior finance reporter Ben Bergman talks to them about their new venture.

Spotify has a new way for artists and labels to promote their tracks.

Rocket Lab will launch 30 satellites (and a porch gnome) into orbit.

How flawed instincts may have led to Quibi's downfall.

TikTok signs a new licensing agreement with Sony Music.

First reports on (and pictures of) SpaceX's Starlink internet service pour in.

How Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are preparing for Election Day.

Stocks. Gold. Basketball Cards?

The Reum brothers founded their Santa Monica-based early-stage consumer technology venture firm, M13, in 2016 and were early investors in Lyft, SpaceX, Pinterest and Ring. Now, they're raising funds for undervalued sports cards they hope will someday score big returns. Read more >>

The AR Approach to Crime

CrimeDoor, a new immersive augmented reality app, straddles the space between mystery entertainment and crowdsourced crime-solving. Read more >>

Fernish's Plans to Redefine Furniture Rental

On this week's episode of the Just Go Grind podcast, hear from Michael Barlow, co-founder and CEO of Fernish, which aims to make furnshing a new place less of a hassle. Hear his story on the Just Go Grind podcast >>

The dot.LA Summit Is in the Books

Thanks to all who attended! You can catch our reporting on many of this year's sessions on our site, including our talk with investor Bill Gurley, our roundup on the state of women and diversity in L.A. tech, our look at what's coming for L.A. biotech, and much more!

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