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New Harassment Complaint from Current Blizzard Employee

A current Blizzard Entertainment employee has leveled the latest scathing sexual harassment claim against the company: "I was told not to go to HR. I was told that the harassing men were just trying to be friends with me. I was told they did nothing wrong by law," the accuser said in a press conference Wednesday. Read more >>

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'Unwanted Sexual Advances,' 'Frat Boy Culture'

By Harrison Weber

A Blizzard employee who accused the company of ignoring reports of sexual harassment said she was demoted when she complained to supervisors at the company.

“I’ve been subjected to rude comments about my body, unwanted sexual advances, inappropriately touched, subjected to alcohol-infused team events and “cube crawls,” invited to have casual sex with my supervisors, and surrounded by a frat boy culture that’s detrimental to women,” she said.

BlueLA EV Car Share Is Expanding Amid Red Flags

By Zac Estrada

Blink Mobility's BlueLA, the official contractor for the city of Los Angeles’ EV car-sharing program, is bulking up its fleet and expanding its services despite complaints about the availability and condition of the vehicles in recent months.

Digital Wine Club Winc Suffers Declining Direct-to-Consumer Sales

By Harrison Weber

The wine subscription company Winc revealed on Wednesday that its total revenues rose by 3.4% to $18.5 million during its third quarter, but the money it makes from direct-to-consumer sales took a hit, slipping 13% to $12.7 million from the same period last year.

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