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This Startup Lets You Talk to the Past

"You use our script and your iPhone to ask questions of your grandmother and grandfather to preserve that information for posterity."

StoryFile, a Los Angeles startup that creates AI-powered interactive videos, is creating ways for users talk to people even after they are gone. Most recently, it recorded the two living survivors of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre.

Virgin Orbit reveals launch window for next mission to space.

Starz slaps Disney with trademark suit over Star Plus.

Travis Kalanick's CloudKitchens loses second exec in a month.

A plan to tame labor unions for Uber and Lyft has been scrapped In New York.

Top U.S. antitrust lawmaker reportedly targets big tech with new bills.

Google to build new undersea cable to connect Latin America and the U.S.

Pipeline investigation upends the idea that Bitcoin is untraceable.

Amazon successfully presses to leave consumer protections out of Senate China bill.

LA-Based StoryFile Raises Another Round to Expand Its Interactive Videos

The L.A. company has plans to launch an iPhone version of the technology. The software has applications beyond documenting aging family members or personal heroes and could be used for employee training and even dating.

How Mythical Games Hopes to Pioneer Blockchain Gaming

The game technology studio is bringing NFTs into the gaming world, as blockchain technology and the gaming industry both see a surge in interest.

Biden Ends Ban on TikTok, WeChat

The Biden administration made its first move to end the months-long back and forth between U.S. and Chinese officials over the future of TikTok and WeChat, repealing a Trump-era executive order aimed at banning the apps owned by Chinese parent company ByteDance.

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