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Can Your Apple Watch Test Your Blood Sugar Level?

"These wearable technologies are only as useful to the patients as they are accurate and precise."

The Apple Watch — often touted as a way to help monitor steps and sleep — may soon be able to check your blood sugar levels, making it more akin to a medical device. Will this technology change the game for diabetics and others?

GoodRx co-CEO touts recent acquisitions, says its business is 'rock solid' and only getting better.

Facebook loses its bid to block ruling on EU-U.S. data flows.

IPO market faces a critical juncture.

Startup investment firm Lieef closes seven-figure seed funding deal.

San Francisco tech companies are sitting on record amounts of empty office space.

Google leads court filing supporting tens of thousands of U.S. visa-holders' ability to work.

Crypto exchange Binance faces US money laundering probe.

Could Your Apple Watch Check Your Blood Glucose Levels? 

Rockley Photonics, a photonic sensor company based in Pasadena, has been quietly working on small blood sensors that can be affixed to wearables and parse alcohol intake, blood sugar and glucose levels. Its biggest customer is reportedly none other than Apple.

Can you Shop at SoCal Trader Joe's Without a Mask?

A day after the CDC lifted mask requirements for fully vaccinated people, the quirky Monrovia-based grocery chain announced inoculated customers can shop without a face covering. But Los Angeles County officials have yet to lift their workplace mask requirements.

Unlock Venture Partners' Sanjay Reddy Sees New Opportunities in Video

Unlock Venture Partners co-founder Sanjay Reddy talked with the L.A. Venture podcast about what he looks for in a startup, finding good bankers and more.

How Pacaso Makes It Easier for More People to Own a Second Home

The concept of co-ownership isn't new, but unlike "DIY" shared ownership arrangements among family members or friends, Pacaso manages all the details for potential home buyers and then handles ongoing maintenance, LLC oversight, bill payment and scheduling. Read more >>

Join Us at the Motivate SOCAL Emerging Mobility Summit

Southern California is beginning to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and new job opportunities in advanced industries, including mobility and transportation, are on the way. dot.LA is partnering with CoMotion to host "Motivate SOCAL," a half-day virtual event, set for May 19, 2021. Register here.

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