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A One-Stop Startup for Women's Health Opens In Silver Lake

"There's really only one stat that VCs need to know: Women control more than 80% of U.S. health care dollars. There's a very, very clear financial reason to invest in women's health. It's not niche."

Health care startup Tia opened its first L.A. location in Silver Lake this week, hoping to pioneer a new structure for women's health. Reporter Francesca Billington looks at its plans for expansion.

Disney and Sony announce pact for Sony movies.

FTC nominee Khan calls for more scrutiny of tech giants' power.

Casey Wasserman launches new live music company.

Allen Media Group launches free streaming service for local news.

Self-driving car sensor startup Luminar hires Tesla, Intel veterans.

TikTok faces U.K. claims it illegally used kids' data.

Artificial intelligence, facial recognition face curbs in new E.U. proposal.

New sports streaming Buzzer app launches for early access users.

Tia Wants to Make Preventative Women's Health Care Classy 

For $15 a month plus insurance, your doctor's office could look like the inside of a trendy restaurant in New York City or an office at Bloomberg's headquarters. Tia lets members book one-stop gynecology, primary care, acupuncture and mental health appointments from an app.

Welcome Tech Aims to Attract Immigrants Left Behind by America's Banks

The Los Angeles company known by customers as Saber Es Poder is angling to be a one-stop shop for everything from finding a dentist, to telemedicine, to enrolling in English classes. It's just raised $35 million in funding to do it.

How Incredible Health's CEO Went From Doctor to Founder

On this week's episode of Behind Her Empire, hear from Dr. Iman Abuzeid, the co-founder and CEO of Incredible Health, a digital platform designed to streamline the hiring and recruitment process for nurses.

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