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What Will Venture Capital and Brands Learn from the Dispo Meltdown?

"This is a very different kind of response than what we used to see just a few years ago from VCs."

Brands and investors swiftly pulled their backing from David Dobrik and his Dispo app after allegations of sexual assault by one of his associates came to light. The situation has raised red flags about how well investors vetted Dobrik. Reporter Francesca Billington has the story.

New plan at Disneyland calls for squeezing in more rides, restaurants and shops.

U.S. tech companies use their expensive stock to pay for acquisitions.

Lasers on the moon? Nuclear rockets? NASA awards millions for way-out tech.

Twitter's 'unofficial mayor' Chrissy Teigen quits platform after years of harassment.

Tesla has to tell Elon Musk to delete a 2018 tweet, labor board rules.

Electric vans are all the rage at DHL, UPS—maybe even USPS, too.

A crypto art piece made as a joke by The New York Times just sold for more than $560,000.

What it will take for humans to colonize the Moon and Mars.

David Dobrik, the Dispo Meltdown and Investor Responsibility

Dispo co-founder David Dobrik's swift loss of backers and investors after a sexual assault allegation against his associate raises questions about how well venture capital is vetting their bets. It's an industry grappling with its own sexual harassment problems. Read more>>

Can MaC VC Help Solve Tech’s Whiteness Problem?

MaC Venture Capital, one of the few majority Black-owned venture firms to focus on increasing the slim number of non-white founders, closed its first fund at $110 million. Read more>>

Facebook, Google Brush Off Their Platform's Role in Capitol Attack

Twitter's Jack Dorsey was the only social media CEO to admit his platform bears responsibility in the January Capitol insurrection during a congressional panel. Read more>>

ABL Space Hits Unicorn Status

Rocket launcher ABL Space Systems has achieved unicorn status, announcing a close of a $170 million Series B round. It comes before ABL's first launch into space in the second quarter of this year and four years after its founding. Read more>>

ChowNow’s Software Empowers Restaurants To Save Money on Deliveries

ChowNow CEO Chris Webb talks with the Office Hours podcast about the lessons he learned from his mother's investment in Tender Greens, how it inspired his own startup and the future of the restaurant business. Read more and listen here>>

Chang Xu's Basis Set Ventures Focuses On AI and Automation

Basis Set Ventures partner Chang Xu talks with L.A. Venture podcast about machine learning optimization and what she learned from her many years at Upfront. Read more>>

Save the Date for dot.LA's 2021 'Intersect' Entertainment Tech Summit

The line between tech and entertainment companies has never been thinner. Top Hollywood players are becoming software behemoths, major tech firms are tripling down on their content investments and a number of startups are finding new ways to blend the two worlds. From the very heart of this convergence between tech, media and entertainment in Los Angeles, we're launching "Intersect," a first-of-its-kind summit, held live virtually on Wednesday, April 28.

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