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A Fertility Clinic Startup for LGBTQ Parents
Photo by Luma Pimentel on Unsplash

"A lot of the queer community has been locked out of some of these reproductive services due to some specific discriminatory policies."

A fertility clinic startup built by two brothers is trying to create more access to treatments outside wealthy urban centers and reach the LGBTQ community, explains Reporter Keerthi Vedantam.

President Biden will tackle global chip shortage with executive order.

Facebook is rejecting these fashion ads.

Bitcoin soars to all-time high after BNY Mellon announces crypto venture.

Pet sitting marketplace Rover grabs a bone, valued at $1.3 billion in latest SPAC deal.

Amazon questioned over contract with company that offered 'real-time Uighur warnings.'

Bumble's $14 billion date: Blackstone-backed dating app soars on market debut.

Opponents press challenge to Prop. 22 with lawsuit in lower court.

Podz aims to be the go-to discovery portal for podcasts in the 'golden age of audio."

Instagram bans Robert F. Kennedy Jr. over COVID-19 vaccine misinformation.

ALLBLK is launching a talk show.

Influencers Get Access to Actors Union 

Influencers paid to promote everything from Gucci to Dunkin' Donuts on TikTok, YouTube and other social media platforms could have union protections under a new agreement with SAG-AFTRA. Read more>>

Two Brothers' Goal to Make Fertility Treatments Cheaper 

The Los Angeles-based startup Mate Fertility offers egg freezing, surrogacy, genetic screening and in vitro fertilization. It's turning away from wealthy urbanites to bring cheaper clinics to smaller cities like Bakersfield. Read more>>

Disney Plus Has Nearly 95 Million Subscribers

Disney's streaming platforms continue to outperform analysts' expectations with Disney Plus adding 5 million more subscribers than analysts expected. Read more>>

Slingshot Aerospace Names Stricklan CEO 

Air Force veteran Melanie Stricklan, a rarity in the male-dominated aerospace field, will take the helm of Slingshot Aerospace. Read more>>

How Sneaker Startup GOAT Achieved GOAT Status

GOAT co-founder and CEO Eddy Lu talks to Office Hours about big, public — and most importantly, resolved — founder fights, when to know it's time to pivot or quit and how GOAT differentiates itself from other sneaker ecommerce sites. Read more and listen here>>

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