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Inside Amazon's New Automated Supermarket in LA

"The aisles were eerily quiet. Clerks that normally stock aisles or buzz around the cash register were nearly non-existent. But Alexa seemed to be everywhere."

Reporter Leslie Ignacio takes you inside Amazon's new 'smart' store in Woodland Hills.

Tesla unveils a new battery it says will lead to a $25,000 electric car.

NASA adds new details about its Artemis Plan to get back to the Moon in 2024.

Blue Origin targets Thursday for its next rocket launch.

TikTok says it took down more than 104 million videos in the last six months.

The Justice Department says its lawsuit will take narrow aim at Google over its search dominance.

Amazon reportedly puts up extra barriers to its competitors.

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Alexa's the Clerk at LA's New Amazon Supermarket

Amazon's new supermarket is an ode to automation. Alexa is everywhere and you pay through your grocery cart affixed with cameras and a monitor that syncs to your Amazon account. Read more >>

Beyond Limits Takes its 'Transparent' AI Software Global

The Glendale-based startup has taken its technology from outer space onto factory floors and into hospitals. Now it has $133 million to take its human-centric AI approach global. Read more >>

From Single Mom and Janitor to Multimillionaire CEO

By the age of 20, Sabrina Kay had dropped out of school and was a single mother focused on creating a better life for her daughter. In less than a decade, she founded one of the big four fashion colleges, and sold it for eight figures. Hear her story >>

Daring Foods Gets $8M to Take Faux Chicken Mainstream 

L.A.-based Daring Foods wants to do for plant-based chicken what Beyond Meat and the Impossible Burger did for faux meat: Take it mainstream and, in the process, convert a few carnivores. Read more >>

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