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Newsletter: Texas Ride-Hailing Startups Are Heading to LA

"I think that's exactly what California needs. Drivers at minimum deserve the option to build their own recurring customer base."

As Uber and Lyft threaten to leave California, two Texas startups are launching in L.A. Reporter Francesca Billington finds that both grew out of Austin's showdown with the ride-hailing behemoths.

LA-based Skills launches to bring the gig economy to pro athletes.

Rights management platform Brainbase beefs up its C-Suite following an $8M raise.

Amazon Music's app will now feature concerts live-streamed through Twitch.

Streaming giants Netflix and Amazon are gearing up to bid on studios' latest crop of movies.

AT&T backs Trump's call for "neutrality" on some social media sites.

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Texas Ride-Hailing Startups See Opportunity in LA

Two Texas-based companies are going after one of rideshare giants Uber and Lyft's biggest markets: Los Angeles. Read more >>

'No More Manels': A New Database of Female, Non-Binary Speakers 

Nonprofit All Raise has put together a database of female and non-binary experts and some best practices for event coordinators, so tech panels and conferences don't ever have to be lopsided again. Read more >>

Headspace Hunts Former Quickbook Executive

Now with more than 65 million users in 190 countries, mindfulness and meditation app Headspace has hired former Quickbooks exec Jolawn Victor to be its chief international officer. Read more updates

Chipmaker PeaTos Raises $7M

Who says junk food can't thrive in L.A.? Enlightened snack makers PeaTos are on a mission to create chips from peas. Read more >>

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