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1,000 Acres of Cannabis, Zero Profit

"They ended up with all this hemp they couldn't sell or give away."

In early 2019, "two young city kids" with zero agricultural experience ran an operation to grow 1.7 million cannabis plants. The operation raised concerns with authorities and was riddled with "flagrant" violations, but it nearly succeeded. Read part two of senior reporter Tami Abdollah's investigation into L.A.'s Genius Fund — and catch up on Part One here.

The story behind Netflix's audio theme is more interesting than you might think.

A prototype of SpaceX's Mars 'Starship' vehicle clears a key test.

Snapchat has a new sticker that features.... your face.

Riot Games gives employees next week off.

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How 'California's Largest Pot Farm' ‘Exploded Like Fireworks’

In part 2 of our investigation into the collapse of Genius Fund, we look at one of the cannabis startup's ambitious growing operations that prompted Plumas County's sheriff to call for a moratorium on hemp grows. Read more >>

VENN Launches 'MTV For the Gaming Generation' 

Featuring gaming industry royalty and financed by a who's who of gaming investors, the Video Game Entertainment and News Network (VENN) launched today. Read more >>

L.A. Film Production Is Still Mostly Paused

Film and television production remains largely at a standstill in Los Angeles, two months after the county lifted production restrictions. Read more >>>

Instagram Launches TikTok Competitor

Reels, the Instagram video-sharing product to rival TikTok and Triller, launched today in 50 countries, including the U.S. Read more >>

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