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Allegations of an Adelanto Cannabis Facility Takeover

"I'm like, 'This guy is literally about to stage a coup'."

In part four of our "Green Rush" series, a business partnership turns sour amid accusations of theft and embezzlement, a takeover of a marijuana processing facility and a botched land purchase.

Wheelhouse Entertainment strikes a deal with TikTok darling Hype House for a new docuseries.

Uber and Lyft are ordered to convert their California drivers to employees with benefits.

SpaceX reveals plans for a Texas spaceport resort in new job ad.

Amazon reportedly wants to use former Sears and J.C. Penny stores as fulfillment centers.

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What Went Down in Adelanto

Our "Green Rush" cautionary tale of Genius Fund takes readers to Adelanto, where two young entrepreneurs allegedly lost control of a state-of-the-art cannabis production facility and millions of dollars from their Russian investor. Read the latest in our series >>

How the WeChat Ban Could Ripple Through Tech

With investments in some of tech's best-known companies, Chinese-owned Tencent is one of the world's wealthiest funders. It's also, along with TikTok, a target of the Trump administration. Read more >>

TikTok Shells Out Cash to LA Creators

TikTok announced today the first receipts of a $200 million creator fund including several Los Angeles-based app stars. Read more updates >>

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