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EU Restricts Entry To Unvaccinated Americans. Are Universal COVID Passports The Solution?
Photo by Lukas on Unsplash

The European Union today proposed new restrictions on air travel from unvaccinated Americans, given the U.S.'s low vaccination rates. And while it remains to be seen how each E.U. country will treat American travelers, there's already momentum growing among airlines to adopt a universal COVID vaccine passport. Could the EU's passports serve as a blueprint for the U.S.?

💰 Pledge, a Venice-based fundraising platform, announced today it's raised funds to further develop its Zoom donation button.

🛠 Some energy and building experts fear California's new building code will make home construction more expensive.

🎬 An Instagram page called "IATSE Stories" is showing the dark side of Hollywood for workers.

Irvine-based Alpha Motor used baristas to promote its Wolf electric truck, one report says.

🤖 Autonomous delivery startup Nuro is investing $40 million in two southern Nevada production plants.

🚫 TikTok has banned videos related to the "milk crate challenge" due to injuries.

How Would A Universal COVID Passport Work?

The Digital COVID Certificate, as the passport is called, uses a framework that the E.U. developed to standardize digital COVID vaccination cards across countries that can be used to quickly verify holders' vaccination status. Each country has a digital and paper version of their vaccination cards.

The biggest hurdle for the U.S.: building a digital infrastructure for a national registry. That would require real-time data collection from every state.

App Partners With LA Nonprofit To Help Homeless

The Samaritan app is a kind of Patreon of homeless individuals, allowing donors to provide for individual's specific needs — from new shoes to bus fare. The money is managed by case workers at local nonprofits, including those at L.A.'s Pathways To Your Future.

Flip's Ecommerce Platform Hinges on Honesty

Flip, the L.A.-based social media ecommerce platform, seeks to be the first "honest" ecommerce platform where reviews are controlled by consumers rather than brands. The startup raised $28 million to expanding its user base and making more brand deals.

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