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Are Snapchat Posts Free Speech?

"Aren't we at a point that if it's on social media, where you posted it on social media doesn't really matter?"

A 14-year-old Pennsylvania high school student who took to Snapchat after not getting a spot on the varsity cheerleading team is at the center of a case now being considered by the U.S. Supreme Court that will test the limits of schools' ability to police speech on social media.

Can a $110 million helmet unlock the secrets of the mind?

Riot Games and TJ Sports reveal the cities selected for the Worlds 2021 City Tour.

Lyft says wait times decrease as U.S. drivers mark gradual return.

Apple is letting over 150 countries censor LGBTQ+ content In the App Store.

A16z launched its 'Future' blog by arguing financial speculation is good for society.

Google is ready to open its first store, in New York.

Instagram users can now host group fundraisers.

Apple struggles in push to make healthcare its greatest legacy.

Google must face shareholder lawsuit claiming it hid security risks.

Congress introduces a bill that would ban facial recognition indefinitely.

SCOTUS Will Decide Whether a Teen's Use of Snapchat Is Protected Speech

In 2017, Brandi Levy, now a college student, shared an image with her 250 Snapchat friends. It was a picture of her and her friend pointing the middle finger at the camera with the caption "F*** school, F*** softball, F*** cheer, F*** everything." Whether her speech and that of millions of public school students online is protected may soon be decided by the Supreme Court.

Meet This Year's Crop of Life Science Startups from SoCal Schools

Twenty-seven startups ranging from therapeutics to green tech are part of the First Look SoCal Innovation Showcase that kicked off today.

A Look At Amazon Studios' New Diversity Guidelines

Amazon Studios released a new "Inclusion Policy" on Wednesday, pledging that by 2024 half of all top-line roles in its films and series – directors, writers, producers – will be composed of women and underrepresented groups.

Aishwarya Iyer Wants To Talk About Your Rancid Olive Oil

The founder and CEO of artisan oil and vinegar brand Brightland talks to the Behind Her Empire podcast about what it means to be a female founder and the expectations placed on them.

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