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The Future of Livestream Concerts Post-Pandemic

"Everyone I know who did it and did it well was like, 'I made more than I've ever made in a single night."

More than a year after the pandemic stopped live music, streamed shows will likely remain a fixture in the music industry. But will fans keep coming?

MGM-Amazon deal puts acquisition target on independent studios.

Sweetgreen updates its branding.

NASA's Mars Ingenuity helicopter spirals erratically on sixth flight.

The financial pickle facing Elon Musk's Las Vegas Loop system.

How can membership and tip economies work for musicians?

A worker-owned cooperative tries to compete with Uber and Lyft.

DoorDash and Uber Eats are hot. They're still not making money.

With In-Person Concerts Back, What Will Happen to Livestream Audiences?

Tech companies, musicians and even in-person concert promoters have built an entirely new ecosystem around livestreaming shows. Events companies and labels have invested big in the new technology. Even musicians have come to love some of the flexibility. Will it survive the pandemic?

Using QR Codes To Tell Clothes' Backstory

Ambercycle, the Los Angeles garment recycling startup, is turning those itchy white care labels inside your t-shirt into online portals detailing where and how your clothes were made with QR codes. The push comes as more consumers expect clothing brands to expose how and where their apparel is made.

Photo App Poparazzi Reportedly to Hit $135M Valuation

All eyes are on Poparazzi, the new photo sharing app that will reportedly hit a $135 million valuation in a Benchmark-led funding round. The Marina del Rey startup rose the App Store ranks quickly after officially launching its platform earlier this week.

Beyond Capital CEO Eva Yazhari on Investing With Purpose

Beyond Capital CEO Eva Yazhari talks with Behind Her Empire podcast about how she found inspiration and opportunity to invest in Africa and India. She thinks the "abundance mindset" is the future of investment as innovation trends towards environmental and social returns.

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