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Are We Ready for Brain-Tracking Entertainment Tech?

"You can begin to curate people's lives for greater happiness."

With a newly launched software-as-a-service platform, Immersion says it can predict what songs, movies and shows will be hits. It is now available to the masses for as little as $199 a month. But are we ready?

Amazon reportedly nears a deal to buy MGM Studios for nearly $9 billion.

Virgin Galactic completes first spaceflight in over two years, in step toward finishing development.

After TikTok party, a third rowdy night in Huntington Beach ends in 29 arrests.

The costly pursuit of self-driving cars continues on and on.

Peloton will open its first U.S. factory to build bikes, treadmills.

Elon Musk met with Bitcoin miners to discuss making the cryptocurrency more environmentally friendly.

The Epic v. Apple verdict will set the stage for future antitrust battles.

Immersion Tracks Oxytocin Levels to Improve Entertainment. Critics Fear It's Going Too Far.

Paul Zak's tastemaker software aims to measure and predict how people respond to music, movies and other experiences by tracking their brain activity. With a newly launched software-as-a-service platform, his tool is now available to the masses for as little as $199 a month.

Can the City of Los Angeles Permanently Embrace Remote Work? 

When the pandemic hit last March, it fell to Ted Ross, the city's chief information officer, to get 18,173 workers to go remote in the span of ten days. Now, Ross thinks the success of the last year has proven remote work should be here to stay. But not everyone in city government agrees with him.

Disney CEO Chapek Hints More Sports May Be Coming to Disney Plus

The head of Disney doesn't think consumers want to wait 45 days for movies to arrive on their streaming services. He didn't say whether that would drive moviegoers to the theaters or drive companies like his to put films on their services faster, but one thing is clear: the pandemic upended one of Hollywood's oldest paradigms.

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