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An Honest Company Alum Dives Into CBD Serums, Supplements

"Stress, as we all know, is the epidemic of today."

Co-founder of the consumer goods empire Honest Company is charming investors with a line of pricey hemp-infused serums and supplements. The startup prides itself in sending each formulation through clinical trials and tests with third-party regulators. It just raised a lofty seed round.

Snap is buying its AR display supplier for more than $500 million.

Dodger Stadium plans to return to full capacity on June 15.

EV company Fisker wants to build Pope Francis an electric Popemobile.

Citizen CEO offered to personally fund L.A. arson manhunt – for the wrong person.

Citizen has a plan to deploy private security forces, too.

The rivalry between Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos already was intense. Now it's extending to the moon.

Tech platforms' treatment of pro-Palestinian content raises bias allegations.

Apple's Tim Cook says 'threat profile' of iPhone justifies App Store rules.

Santa Monica's Prima Raises $9.2 Million

Christopher Gavigan — co-founder of the consumer goods empire Honest Company — is trying to bring order to the unregulated market of CBD.

Rob Dyrdek's Adrenaline-Fueled Approach to Venture Capital

Founder and CEO of the Dyrdek Machine and pro-skateboarding legend Rob Dyrdek talks with L.A. Venture podcast about surviving a shark attack, creating three hit TV shows and his perspective on venture capital.

How to Start a Corporate Social Responsibility Program at Your Startup 

Not long ago, corporate social responsibility (CSR), was thought to be the province of massive companies that had the luxury to invest in goodwill programs, or had the need to soften their image as heartless monoliths. No more.

Trends To Watch As We Return to Work

Work has changed quite a bit in the past year. As lockdowns lift and the world begins to return to a new normal, some aspects of how we work are likely to change for good, as dot.LA host Kelly O'Grady explains.

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