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Making Art (and Money) in the Metaverse
Sam Blake

"We want to build radical and accessible entertainment for new generations, and what that means is looking at innovative models for connection and community and what those will look like in the future."

Entertainment reporter Sam Blake talks to Brud's CEO and chief creative officer about the creative agency's vision for how blockchain and the new internet will change the way creative communities are formed and financed.

The U.S. government is investigating yet another major hack of federal agencies.

California reached 95% renewable energy last weekend.

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin will release details on how to buy space tourism seats next week.

SpaceX launches another 60 Starlink satellites.

Global electric vehicles sales grew 41% in 2020.

MoviePass co-founder's PreShow Interactive raises $3M to expand into gaming.

U.S. Labor Secretary says he supports classifying gig workers as employees.

Amazon made more profit during the pandemic than in the past three years.

Using the Blockchain to Transform Storytelling

Through technology like the blockchain, Brud CEO Trevor McFedries sees a future where people own and control their data and digital identities and an internet that melds digital and physical worlds.

This LA-Based Startup Aims to Permanently Treat Devastating Diseases

Could the same gene therapy techniques used to create COVID vaccines help treat devastating diseases like Alzheimer's? Thousand Oaks startup Capsida Biotherapeutics just raised $140 million to find out.

Catching Up with Snap's 2021 Yellow Accelerator Startups

The six Los Angeles-based startups that span digital health care to a digital wine marketplace announced funding, partnerships and products at Snap's Yellow Accelerator demo day today.

Sponsored: How the Pandemic Has Changed Fans' Experience for Good

The COVID-19 pandemic has separated friends, family and colleagues and halted most in-person shared experiences. On the flip side, over the past year gaming, sports and entertainment companies have found new ways to help keep us engaged, connected and entertained. Read more >>

Endeavor Shares Pop 5% in NYSE Debut

After an embarrassing first attempt at an IPO in 2019, entertainment and live events conglomerate Endeavor Group Holdings — led by superagent-turned-mogul Ari Emanuel — debuted the New York Stock Exchange.

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